About Us

Who We Are

We are Naksa Store, an online store and a subsidiary of Naksa Group selling various products online. Our main aim is to spread Nepalese products in every corner of the world and increase its popularity both nationally  and internationally.

A Few Words About

Our Team

We are filled with outstanding people and each one has their own special skills in works they perform.

Saajan Paudel

Founder - CEO

Sundar Gurung

Co-founder - COO

Sandesh Sharma

Creative Director

Prashant Karki

Managing Director

Delivery to all over Nepal

No matter which corner of Nepal you are at, our products will be delivered to your doorsteps.

Best Quality

You can with no doubt trust the quality of the products we bring to you as we vow to sell those products which makes our customers happy and satisfied.

Best Offers

We often provide discounts based on frequency of services clients asks us for.

Secure Payments

We use secure payment gateways to make sure your payment credentials are not leaked and payments flow with no hassle.